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In pigmentation’s treatment, the most important is to determine the reason of pigmentation’s creations. There are many reasons of pigmentation’s creations such as: hormone, disorderly female hormone physiology, liver contains many toxins. All of them usually happen when we give birth; eating foods contains many toxins and using many medicines. Years by years, those toxins are not eliminated and they progressively appear on skin’s surface.

In the old days when facing with pigmentation, most of ladies always focus on skin’s surface without caring the reason why pigmentations are created. In more than 10 years, I used to meet many patients with long time pigmentations up to 20-30 years. I truly understand and sympathize for them, everybody always want to reject immediately the pigmentation which days by days appear on their face unfortunately.

After learning and experiencing many different high-ranking products in market, I know that customers need a healthy skin from the inside out. Products of Top White Cosmetics Company exact from natural vegetation specialize in making White Perfect for faces and bodies. For two weeks, we will help you eliminate completely pigmentation on your face’s skin. About inside treatment, we recommend you using products which can help you eliminate toxins in liver and balancing hormone everyday for your perfect skin.

With a spotty skin, we recommend you use products which can help you eliminate toxins in bowel. With completely elimination from inside will give you a healthy body and absolutely having a beautiful skin.

From now on, products of Top White Cosmetics Company have proved millions of successful treatments. Hence, everything can change if you believe and use products of Top White.



Directions for use:

Combining use White Perfect D1, D2 and D3.

White Perfect D1: Using 4 times day and night after washing face and combining with White Perfect D5 foam cleanser 2 times/day on morning and evening. Using White Perfect D1 for whole night, re-create time from 10-30 days depend on difference of skin’s structures. When you feel burning pain, it means that dead cell on your skin is peeling off; you should stop using D1 and continue use D2 at night and D3 at daytime. However, if you want better result when your skin still being peel off, you should continue using D1, your skin will not be burning pain and peeling off on tomorrow. If you feel burning pain hard, you should change to D2-D3. After 1 week, if you feel not satisfied, you should re-use D1 till your skin is as beautiful as you like, maintaining use D2-D3 to have pinky-white skin as your wish.


White Perfect D1

Warning: you should use D1 within 15 days for 1 box.

White Perfect D2: At night, washing face with White Perfect D5 foam cleanser, using D2 with enough volume.


White Perfect D2


White Perfect D3: At daytime, washing face with White Perfect D5 foam cleanser, using D3 with enough volume.


White Perfect D3

With soft sun-burnt skin, only using D1-D2-D3 1 box of each, your skin will be pinky-white.

With pigmentation and soft freckle skin, using D1-D2-D3 1 box of each D2-D3, 2 boxes for D1.

With pigmentation and hard freckle skin, using D1-D2-D3 but using more D1 for re-create on 1 month.

Attention: Don’t use D1 on eye skin, re-create time of D1 can have some changes: rash, itchy or sun-burnt. Please feel comfortable that your skin is in good treatment and the good result will come on around 10-15 days. You can combine using both White Perfect D5 and D1 to get more effective. After re-create skin is peeling off, you can continue using D1 3-4 times/day and washing with D5 2 times day and night.

White Perfect D4: 4 times/day after washing face by body shower, using it for whole face and more in spot area. D4 has good eliminated toxin ingredient so if spot is coming back on surface skin, you can keep using to make sure that spot is completely eliminated.


White Perfect D4

White Perfect D5: foam cleanser with Nano Collagen and pure Vitamin C ingredient will help you have a fresh skin face on first using.

White Perfect Shower Body D8: Program of 3 in 1 to get more white and smooth skin.After 10 days, re-shower 1 process and keep continue 6 processes like that to get a perfect skin.

White Perfect D9: folliculitis white skin treatment, using 2 times/day on day and night for 10 days will have good result.

D9 hop moi chuan mau zin big

White Perfect Body D9

To have completely perfect white, you should keep using for 1 month.